Too often we get into the habit of failing to celebrate our victories.  We focus on the negative and miss out on some great opportunities to learn and improve on our successes.  Last week we had an awesome in school tournament.  Our competitors did a fantastic job of persevering and fighting through adversity.  I watched one little boy who was crying.  He had just taken third place in a strong field of competitors.  Finishing in the top 3 is a solid achievement.  He had some victories in his competition, but others had more.  Instead of celebrating his success he was choosing to focus on how he had not finished first.


Think about times you have had success, but had hoped for more.  A lot of times athletes hope for a personal record, then they have a great workout or competition, but they missed that performance measure.  Instead of celebrating what they achieved, they become upset because they missed the ultimate goal.  They should be celebrating their victories and focusing on the next victory.  Each little victory makes you a little better and takes you a little further.  Remember great victories are achieved by small victories, even some failures that build up to overwhelming success.  Celebrate your victories and move forward toward even more success.